Bermuda Triangle:

Costume Idol, Alk x 2

Duo True Sister, Meer x 5

Super Idol, Ceram x 8

Prsm Smile, Ligurian x 8

Mermaid Idol, Flute x 8

Pearl Sisters, Perla x 4

Girl's Rock, Rio x 4

Mermaid Idol, Sedna x 8

Prism on the Water, Myrtoa x 8

Sweets Harmony, Mona x 8

Apprentice Idol, Karen x 4

Bermuda Triangle Cadet, Caravel x 2

Duo Gran Pasturn, Syanon x 12

Duo Morning Charm, Liffey x 11

Sleeping Beauty, Mousse x 8

Prsm Miracle, Timor x 8

Duo Petit Etoile, Peace x 1

Duo Sweet Rhythm, Vilaine x 2

Duo Dream Idol, Sana x 1

Duo Far Marine Chateau, Thames x 2

Prsm Duo, Aria x 1

Duo Magical Mike, Charlene x1 

Prsm Duo, Slaney x 2

Duo Flower Girl, Lily x 1

Duo Stage Storm, Iori x 1

Duo Kelpey Jockey, Syr Darya x 1

Prsm Duo, Avon x 3

Duo Pride Crown, Madeira x 4

Duo Soulful Melody, Selenga x 3

Duo Lady Canotier, Salinas x 3

Duo Beast Ears, Loulou x 3

Duo White Crystal, Ricca x 2

Duo Lovers' Singer, Darling x 3

Duo Shiny Tone, Chicora x 3

Duo Lamplight Melody, Tigris x 2

Prsm Duo, Yarmuk x 2

Duo Dream Idol, Myne x 3

Duo Toybox, Menam x 4

Duo Tropical Healer, Mejelda x 4

Duo Afternoon Tea, Parana x 2

Duo Clear Parasol, Kura x 2

Duo Treasure Hunter, Swany x 2

Duo Night Wing, Dungrillo x 1

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