This is a list of all the current "Starter Deck" that users may use instead of a trial deck. This will also include special Fan-clans the users may use as well once they get approved and published here. 

List of Starter DecksEdit

SD01: Liberators of the Round Table

SD02: Knights of Hope

SD03:The White Knights of Courage

SD04: Glittering Jewels of the Sanctuary

SD05: Cursed Assasins of the Empire

SD06: Shadows of Death

SD07: Protectors of The Trees

SD08: Thunder of Purfication

SD09: In Company of the Goddess

SD10: Heavenly Hospital

SD11: The Crusher Brother

SD12: Blazing Flames of Destrution

SD13: Song of the Youthful Seas

SD14: Judgement of the Marine Dragons

SD15: Deities Need Cash Too

SD17: The Rampaging Academy 

SD18: The Corrupting Invaders

SD19:I"m Going To Be the King of What Now!?

SD20: Welcome to the Circus!

SD21: Holy Revengence

SD22: What the Zeal!?

SD23: Raizer Sharp